Lena Snow Reviews

Best program that worked.

5.0 rating

Best program for people with genetic big legs.

Brooke Matthews

Slimmed down my massive legs...

5.0 rating

Slimmed down my massive legs lol. My legs are much bigger than my upper body. I’ve trained really hard for many years, but my legs never slimmed down the way I wanted them to. I had lost hopes until I found Lena on youtube. It’s the only program that worked.

Samantha Park

Good experience

4.0 rating

Good experience

Teresa Padilla

Lost inches off my waist, hips and legs.

5.0 rating

Lost inches off my waist, hips and legs. Also lost over 20 lbs.

Kim Williams

Pleased with the results

5.0 rating

Pleased with the results.

Cristina Mullins

Very effective 👍

5.0 rating

Very effective 👍


Highly Recommend

5.0 rating

Lena is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Teri Spencer

Good results here…

5.0 rating

Good results here with the Slim Legs System.

Janice Klein

Love the program

5.0 rating

Love the program.

Shawna Bowers

Lost almost 12cm on both thighs 🙌🙌🙌

5.0 rating

My diet wasn’t always good during the 12 weeks but I’m so happy that I did not give up. Lost almost 12cm on both thighs. So excited and determined to lose more!

Kara Rivera

I can see changes.

5.0 rating

The program is working for me. I can see changes in my legs week by week.

Elen Maggio

Just finished 8 weeks of the program…

5.0 rating

Just finished 8 weeks of the program and have been getting so many compliments about my legs. Thank you Lena for your program and support!!

Alice Y.

Really happy with my results so far

5.0 rating

Really happy with my results so far.

Sara Watts